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Who are your customers?

Our customers range from large chain stores all the way to local flea market sellers.  We would love to work with you!

Frequently Asked Questions about selling to us:

What categories do you buy?

As you can see from our website we are open to buying all categories.  We buy clothing, hardware, toys, and games.  We even buy food products!  Our main goal is to help you recover cash for your inventory.

What quantities do you buy?

If you have an inventory item you need to sell, our objective is to buy your full quantity.  There is usually no quantity too big or too small (with some exceptions).  Please contact us and we will give you an honest valuation of your inventory- even if you don't choose to sell to us!

How much do you pay for inventory?

Our need is to help you with your inventory problems, while acquiring products that create an impulse for our customers.  Our take all offers on your product will generally be a fraction of your regular wholesale price, but might be more than you think!  Give us a call and find out what your merchandise is worth today.  With many years of experience in the field, we will happily assess your inventory- even if you choose not to sell to us.

Where will you sell our product?

Many of our clients express concern that their discounted inventory will end up on the internet or be sold back to one of their existing customers.  Our first interest is to protect you.  We have built many vendor relationships by working closely to sell the product only in channels that do not conflict with your regular business.  We are happy to cater a sales model to your needs or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying from us:

Do I have to have a store to buy from you?

Anyone can buy from us.  However, to pay wholesale prices, you must generally have a resale license and purchase in case pack quantities.

Is there a minimum order?

No.  However, we do usually ask that you purchase case quantities to get wholesale pricing.

Can I sell your products online?

Most of the products we distribute were manufactured by companies with their own online selling policy.  When you buy goods from us, we try to alert you to those policies when known to us.  Generally, many of the products we carry can be sold online.

How do you ship and where do you ship from?

Unless otherwise specified, our merchandise ships from our warehouse in Elgin, IL.

We use the most cost efficient carrier to get goods to you, although you are always welcome to arrange your own shipping method.

Where can I see your products before buying?

Many of our products are listed on this website. You can also see our products at our showroom open most weekdays.

Are your products reorderable?

Much of what we sell is closeout merchandise.  It was acquired by one of our opportunity buyers so that we can bring you below wholesale pricing.  Much of what we carry is only available until our quantity is sold out.

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